Hello, dear Ladies

As I am a Life-coach for Ladies, I would like to talk to you and support you.

At the moment I am sitting in Nuremberg close to a lake called the „Eisweiher-See“, and it is getting darker, it’s getting damp, and I can imagine that there are lots of you there who are a bit frightened

of the coming darkness

of being alone

of feeling the loss of friends
of not being happy at work or in your partnership


.... and you need somebody to talk to.

I would so much like you

to feel better

that you get more energy

that you get more clarity

that you start to love yourself more

that you work with your „inner child“, so that you have your inner person always! on your side, so that you are never alone! You are never alone anyway!


And to get, yeah, to enjoy life again, doesn’t matter whether it is dark outside or whether it’s raining or getting winter… Every season really has its positive sides, and I want you to realize this – and have faith and lightness in the future.

Please contact me

On my Website you can press the button „Gesprächstermin vereinbaren“ (thus it’s called in German), so that I can get in touch with you, either by phone or by skype - you don’t have to pay me for the first talk. And you can get to know me and get some faith, I hope, and work with me, so that you feel better.


All the very best from Nuremberg, Germany,

a big hug, and have a lovely weekend, bye, bye